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Curiosity and imagination are where learning begins. In our toddler classrooms, your child will turn play into meaningful learning experiences. Our well-balanced toddler program helps to boost children’s confidence as they explore the world around them through hands-on learning activities. Our toddler program focus’ on self-soothing and self-regulation techniques, promoting independence, motor-skill development, and coordination, sensory activities and language.

We strive for your toddler to develop trusting relationships with their teachers and peers alike. All our teachers are committed to responding to your child with compassion and kindness. They promote self-awareness and create consistent and predictable schedules for your toddler to follow. We offer activities and games that are designed to support your toddler’s muscle development and coordination. By doing so, we help your toddlers to master basic skills such as walking, running, hopping, jumping, kicking and balancing.

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Our toddlers explore concepts such as cause-and-effect, trial-and-error and problem-solving through intentional teaching and purposeful play. Your child will also explore new concepts through hands-on activities and building memory, reasoning and problem-solving abilities. We use Frog Street Toddler Curriculum with this age group.

In our Toddler classroom you can expect:

  • An active reading program that allows children to be involved in the story and talk about their experiences and pictures.
  • A schedule that provides time and space for activity play such as jumping, running, balancing, climbing, dancing and exercising.
  • Musical activities such as singing, listening to music, dancing and playing instruments.
  • Age appropriate activities planned daily to enhance and promote each child’s pattern of growth and development.
  • A classroom filled with blocks, puzzles, manipulative toys, books, musical instruments, dramatic play items and art materials.
  • Activities for labeling, classifying and sorting objects by shape, color and size.
  • Warm, loving and responsive caregivers.
  • Caregivers who will listen and respond to children with attention and respect.
  • Caregivers who encourage children to use language, safe exploration and play.
  • Children to learn Spanish vocabulary for familiar objects.