Program & Curriculum

The philosophy of Brentwood Children’s Academy is to provide developmentally-appropriate programs for young children that are built upon the whole-child concept.    By this we mean that our programs address ALL the areas of development – Social, Emotional, Physical and Intellectual (Cognitive). We don’t think of children as a series of isolated physical, mental, and emotional attributes, but as a thinking, feeling, moving, loving, individual person with individual needs, cares, and desires.  This involves us respecting each child as an individual and stimulates the child’s natural curiosity in, and enjoyment of, learning.  Our curriculum is purposefully constructed by using age-appropriate lessons to provide your child with a variety of academic experiences that are structured to promote problem-solving abilities, persistence and a passion for lifelong learning.  Our teachers will modify educational experiences based on children’s interests and strengths while recognizing each child as an individual.

The Whole-Child Concept:

Social – Our program provides children with experiences designed to support developing relationships with peers and teachers while promoting independence, confidence and the desire to discover.  Our teachers promote healthy relationships by modeling respectful relationships, discussing and reading books about friendship, providing opportunities for children to work together and teaching problem-solving skills such as conflict resolution.

Emotional – Our program lays the foundation for children to learn how to understand their own feelings through positive social interactions with their teachers and peers.  Teachers help build a strong emotional foundation by acknowledging their children’s feelings.  They respond promptly and consistently to the children’s needs, model cooperative behaviors, talk to children at their eye level and create spaces in the classroom where children can work and play together.

Physical – Children are constantly developing the fine and gross motor skills by exploring their environment.  Our programs provide activities and games designed to help support muscle development, coordination and manipulative skills.

Intellectual & Spiritual – Each child has a set of beautifully illustrated, challenging and easy to use workbooks. The program and its correlated materials teach the Preschoolers to sharpen their listening skills, follow directions, practice hand-eye coordination, learn number concepts and recognize letter shapes and letter sounds. The Christian teaching comes in the wording of the workbooks as they learn to be kind, love God, share, obey, tell the truth and be helpers.

Health and personal care: Children learn the essentials for hygiene, healthy diet and exercise, daily routines & self-care skills.

Brentwood Children’s Academy views our outdoor campus as an extension to the classroom. Our teachers regularly bring learning experiences outside, weather permitting.

We believe that every experience is an opportunity to learn. From family-style dining to character education, our developmentally appropriate curriculum gives your child a FULL day of learning, no matter what he or she is doing