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A Letter From The Owner

God has been kind to us.

We immigrated in the early 90s from India to the US, armed with dreams, determination, and a deep desire to make a good life for our children and us.   Apart from our education, we did not have much to our name.  Now 30 + years later, with our kids Meesha, getting ready for medical school, and Neil getting ready to enter the field of technology, we look back and feel truly blessed.

However, we realize we were lucky; we grew up surrounded by friends and family, with aspirations for us and the availability to all the tools required to succeed in life.  An emphasis in India on education really worked out for us.   At Brentwood, that is what we wish to provide to each parent and child.

The traditional African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” is widely quoted.  It implies that  an entire community of people must care for children for those children to and grow and flourish.

Brentwood offers your child that village; we have the world’s most caring teachers, a director who is the next best thing to mom, and we ourselves are involved in getting the right curriculum, safety and experiences to our children.

Brentwood’s 2 acre campus offers:

  • A safe and secure environment
  • caregivers that are full of laughter, who make learning fun
  • age segregated playgrounds and many diverse learning experiences
  • curriculum that helps kids develop, be ready for preschool with t
  • relevant tools to set them up for a bright future

We are grateful that you have decided to give us an opportunity and trust to grow your most important treasure; your children.

Everyday, we hope to conclusively prove that you made the right decision.