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A Letter From The Owner

I first became interested in child care in 1998 when, oddly enough, I was trying to find a quality preschool program for my first son, Shane. Unfortunately, our household was a two income household and as much as I wanted to stay home with him, reality was that I had to work.

Like most parents, I knew exactly what I wanted for my child and I wouldn’t and couldn’t stop until I found it. I was looking for an environment that would provide an engaging curriculum, gentle guidance that would foster his self-esteem, individualized attention, and a staff that obviously enjoyed where they worked and what they did.

The search was on. I can’t recall how many centers I visited that day. But I can recall the sense of disappointment and emptiness I felt when I left each and every one of them. The staff was unexcited, not to mention unfriendly, and the curriculum and/or daily lesson plans were written by someone (a teacher, caretaker or assistant teacher) who had very little, if any, education or experience in early childhood development.   Not one of these places were suitable for me, much less my adorable, shy child.  The sense of concern and doubt made me keep my home care provider a little longer.

Six months later, another pregnancy and an even greater desire to be with my children forced the issue again. With the encouragement of a college friend who owned a preschool in League City, I looked into running my own preschool. I had the experience and education necessary to run a business and I knew what “this” mother wanted for her child. Surely there were others like me out there.

In November, 1998 my husband and I entered the child care business and enjoy each and every day. Now, no matter how busy or how stressful a day can be, all I have to do is walk 15 feet into a classroom full of children with nothing but hugs, smiles and kisses to give. Nothing can be better than this!

By 2005 we had 3 children (all boys!) and we owned 3 centers.  We were loving the families we serviced and the community involvement we were experiencing.  However, over the years I was unable to maintain the relationships with the families, children and staff that I loved so much.  My time was being consumed by new regulations, and I was becoming engrossed with paperwork.   In 2018 my husband and I decided that with our children grown, it was time to downsize and slow down and get back to the basics.  We sold 2 of our 3 centers.   I am looking forward to refocusing my time and efforts on one location and once again making an impact on the families and community we serve and the staff I love.